"Christmas Pack" Presets for Lightroom Mobile, Desktop & Photoshop


 If you're someone who's looking for a professional magazine or cinematic-like look to your pictures, these presets will help you achieve that.

This pack contains a variety of different styles ranging from minimalist and sterile to colorful and Christmas. Perfect for product photography, lifestyle and Christmas landscapes.

They also work on Lightroom FREE Mobile app, PC & MaC . (Once you purchase our Presets you will find a detailed PDF and video instructions on how to install/import any of our presets on any of your devices)

To see more of our images or the images of the people that use our Presets visit us on Instagram @gdpresets, Facebook page GDpresets© or any other of our social platforms

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This package contains 6 Ligthroom presets - made with love - to give you options and variation of this look.They are delivered as DNG files for mobile use (Android & IOS), as .xmp and .lrtemplate files for desktop users (Windows PC & Mac OS)

6 .xmp files | Desktop Version
6 .lrtemplate files | Desktop Version
6 DNG Mobile filters | IOS & Android
PDF/video Installation Instructions - IOS/Iphone
PDF/video Installation Instructions - Android
PDF/video Installation Instructions - Desktop | Windows PC & Mac OS
Total File size 38 MB
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